Dr. Carlos Bardavío has recently participated in the collective work entitled: Sexual Offences Reform, coordinated by the lawyer Dr. Gema Martínez Galindo and published by the publishing house Bosch. Dr. Bardavío's contribution has been with the chapter: "Reflections on consent in sexual assault crimes of the "solo si es sí" laws: legislating with hammers?".

You can purchase the work at this link (Spanish version only).

Delitos sexuales

Jehovah's Witnesses in Spain have lost, at least for the moment, the judicial war with the association that claims to have been victimized by their religious practices. Proceedings led by Dr. Carlos Baradvío, with a historic sentence that will mark a before and after.

In this link you can see the press conference held on December 18, 2023 to different Spanish media. In this link, you can download the judment in english (the translation is not professional, there may be errors).

In this link, you can consult the original judgment.

rueda de prensa

Dr. Bardavío presents his latest work Criminal and coercive sects in Mexican criminal law at Hebo Instituto México. The book is presented by Dr. Iván Colina Ramírez, who in turn writes the prologue to the book. This work analyzes the coercive sects that through coercive persuasion dominate their followers. Cases of convictions and similarities with other forms of violence such as gender violence and human trafficking are explained.


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