The law firm Bardavío Abogados has an extensive experience offering a comprehensive legal service throughout the national territory, thanks to the experience of its partners.
We offer a wide range of legal services (family, civil, gender violence, accidents, alcohol, labor, social security, commercial, etc.) that responds to the current needs of individuals and companies.
Our aim is to provide the best service in forensic practice and business advice, both to individuals and SMEs and self-employed, with a special legal service continued.
Likewise, our Quality Policy makes possible an integral and personal advice, both to individuals and companies, based on the principle of trust, closeness, effort, professionalism and continuity, with a 24-hour assistance through our emergency telephone numbers. All this makes the choice of our firm a commitment for our clients, always acting with professionalism in the defense of their legal expectations.


Growth and Improvement

A law firm cannot survive if it does not change and grow. Our firm is constantly improving in order to offer the best possible service to our clients.

Reliability and veracity

Bardavío Abogados knows that you need confidence and we show it to you by informing you punctually and truthfully about your matter.

Personal Excellence

We act with integrity, fairness and responsibility in the practice of our profession. This includes honesty, confidentiality, respect for others and compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Participation & Recognition

The team of lawyers are involved in various academic activities. They are widely recognized for their contributions in the legal field.




Fundamental Rights

At Bardavío Abogados we defend your fundamental rights in all types of
criminal matters.


Continued services

Criminal Audit

We advise and defend the interests of your company. We perform risk assessment of criminal liability of the legal entity.



The Loss of an Employment

Find a labor lawyer. We also defend claim of quantities, substantial modification of working conditions, sanctions and ERES.


Personal Injuries

Gender violence and sexual offenses

We are experts in obtaining the
maximum compensation.


In times of crisis, which affect all sectors and citizens, our customers endorse us by offering them in addition to a close, trustworthy, professional and 24-hour service, the convenience of obtaining high quality legal services at affordable prices and adjusted to each particular situation and type of client. In addition, Bardavío Abogados accepts various means of payment from individuals, as well as from SMEs and freelancers.


Deep dedication to the needs of the client.

In order to ensure justice and the rights and interests of our clients, our firm is based on trust with them. This is only possible through a close and personalized treatment, exhaustive monitoring of their interests and sincerity about the viability of the matter. Our legal offer includes a wide legal range, in this way the demands of our clients can be met. In addition, we have an emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

About Bardavío Abogados

The law firm Bardavío Abogados has been offering a comprehensive legal service for several years throughout the national territory thanks to the expertise of its partners, which allows a high legal performance with the consequent satisfaction of all its clients.